Actygea is a micro biotechnological company, founded in 2007. The mission of the firm is to provide microorganisms and optimized productive processes with microbiological base that are useable on industrial level. Actygea developed proper methods that implement the 2 crucial elements of the improvement of the productive processes with microbiological base: genetic modification of the strains and screening of the conditions of fermentation. The operative activity of the company is guaranteed by 200 square meters of microbiological and analysis laboratories, equipped with 5 analytical HPLC, 1 preparative HPLC and medium pressure purification system. The Actygea fermentative capability take advantage from a pilot system with bioreactors of 5 (4 units), 20( 4 units), 50 (2 units), 70 (1 unit), 300 (2 units) and 300 (1 unit) litres. The fermentative capability and the facilities for the broths manufacturing (microfiltration, ultrafiltration and chromatography), allow the production and the purification of quantities of enzymes or of primaries and secondaries metabolites until hundreds grams.

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