Insubrias BioPark is a site of international level, risen from the union of the Italian and Swiss excellences that can be found in Insubria, between the Northern Lombardia and the Cantone Ticino.


Insubrias BioPark is immersed in a natural green area and spreads on an overall surface of 52.000 square meters. 15.000 sqm are completely dedicated to laboratories and offices open to Companies, Universities, territorial and scientific Institution.

Geographical position and international vocation

Insubrias BioPark is a scientific site of very high technological level, placed in a strategic environmental context, a crossroad among Milano, Varese, the international airports of Malpensa, Linate and the Italian part of Switzerland. The BioPark’s collocation, together with the partnership relations among FIIRV, the Cantone Ticino Government and Regio Insubrica, highlights the Insubrias BioPark’s international vocation. In fact, there is a big synergy among the two territories that cooperate continuously for scientific research and innovative projects.

The strategic position

Insubrias BioPark is located in the Lombardia’s core, one of the four engines of the European economy. For this reason, in this place further strength elements meet: an high quality academic offer and the availability of qualified structures.The BioPark is an excellent reference point in the territory. That’s why becoming part of it means to take advantage of an absolute value channel for visibility, sharing of contacts and network, both at a national and international level.

Know-how e Strutture d’avanguardia

The BioPark provides spaces and laboratories equipped with the best instruments that the market can offer. Moreover, it provides flexible and avant-garde infrastructures, together with technical, logistic, formative and consultancy services that are needed to support and provide incentives to Research for Life. All these elements together make the Insubrias BioPark a unique opportunity for innovative initiatives and research projects and a big value element for start up and spin off companies.

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