Insubrias BioPark provides the settled Companies with:
  • Assistance and consultancy for the implementation of research projects consistent with the Foundation’s activity
  • Technological transfer (patents and post-patent assistance)
  • Marketing and communication
  • Technical-scientific information, thanks to an on-line subscription to the most important scientific magazines
  • Documentation thanks to the Library made of more than 7.000 volumes

In addition, the settled Companies take advantage of the following technical, logistical and security services:

  • Presences’ survey
  • Centralized computer network
  • Telephone lines
  • Internet data lines (optical fibre)
  • Company table
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • Vigilance
  • Reception and telephone exchange
  • Administrative office
  • Postal sorting and correspondence sending
  • Waste disposal
  • Prevention and protection
  • Sanitary control
  • Cleaning
SerViRe – Management Company
On 1st March, 2007, rises SerViRe S.r.l., the services society for the management of the whole Gerenzano’s Research Center.
In particular, SerViRe S.r.l.’s goals are:
  • Management, renovation and maintenance of real estates (social properties or belonging to others)
  • Planning and realization (with proper and others’ means), check and maintenance (planned or extraordinary) of the Scientific Research Laboratories, their systems, machineries and structures. Great importance is given to the security conditions’ check
  • Organizational and logistic services for the management of Research Centers, Laboratories, social-sanitary formation Centers, public and private offices. Part of such services are: goods’ movements, logistics, warehouse, cleaning, reorganization and small maintenance such as green maintenance, and, in general, all the related auxiliary and accessory services.
SeViRe S.r.l. offers guaranteed services such as:
  • Supply of the illumination service, electric energy, telephone line, heating and cooling, anti-intrusion and anti-fire systems
  • Revision and writing of the risks’ valuation
  • Special waste disposal
  • Incoming post service
  • Reception service
  • Waiting room service
  • Conference rooms service: press room, 40 places conference room, 100 places convention hall
  • Common areas cleaning
  • Night and festival days security service

Other possible services, on request:

  • Assistance for network’s installation, starting and use
  • Intervention for maintenance of ordinary and extraordinary allocation of the form (hydraulic, electric and mechanical assistance, in general)
  • Secretariat general services, and interpreting
  • Cleaning of the equipped form
  • Maintenance and training of the fire team, as for the law D.Lgs n.81, 9th April, 2008

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