Diasorin operates since more than 40 years in the international in vitro diagnostics market, specifically in the immunodiagnostics segment, which comprises immunochemistry and infectious immunology product categories. The in vitro diagnostics products are used to test fluid specimens taken from patients (blood, urine, etc.) in a laboratory setting, differently from injectable reagents used for in vivo diagnostics, which are administered directly to patients. Users are hospital and private diagnostic laboratories, which use in vitro diagnostics products to support physicians in diagnosing various diseases, determining the progress of diseases, and assessing the effectiveness of a drug treatment. In particular, Diasorin produces reagents kits and instruments used in the Diagnosis of patholegies, among which hepatitis, HIV, tumors, infective diseases, heart diseases, hormonal disorders, thyroid and fertility pathologies. Nowadays Diasorin: Has one of the most wide range of products on the market, together with other specialized products, distinctive of the Diasorin offer, by which the Group had the possibility to reach important levelsin the relative market segments; Is an exclusive provider of the Liason Platform, a closed instrumentation, completely automatic and technologically advanced; Boasts of global, direct and indirect commercial presence, with a differentiate offer of technologies, in function of the market. Manages the principal processes of the productive and distribution research weaving factory or, in other words, the process that, starting from the development of new products, carry out to the commercialization. Diasorin, stock exchange quoted on the Star Segment, is composed by 20 societies with offices in Europe, U.S.A., center and south America and Asia, counts almost 1200 employees, of which 110 committed to the research and development activity and has 4 sites of production and research, Saluggia (VC, Italy), Dietzenbach (Germany), Stillwater (USA), Dublin (Ireland). Diasorin, thanks to a direct sale network, supported by an international network of 80 independent distributors, is present in more than 80 countries. Less than 20% of the bill is gained in Italy, while the most important markets for the society are the North America and other European countries (respectively about 33,5% and 31,8% of the steady bill).