The company, established on 30/08/2017, has deep roots that, in the latest years 1990 led to the establishment of Biochem srl, (acquired by Isagro spa), of ELEP srl, first acquired by a Fund and finally terminated in Novozymes (information received), of Evergreenbios srl and Technelep srl, later on terminated in Green Micro Tech spa. Each fold with new technologies and products still nowadays valid. Nowadays Gibob enters into novel sectors, firstly the Dynamic Solid State Fermentation Technology under sterile conditions (and related products) and of mediums for the same, so opening new frontiers to the production of AI, API, AFI, AAI, and finished products for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agriculture, sectors, etc. In the meantime Gibob supplies services, Scale-up services mainly in the biotech sector either for processes or plants and the supply of the related technologies, plants and products. Besides the cooperation with FIIRV, Universities, Research Institutions, Gibob avails of operation agreements with Officine Pilotta srl (pressure equipment, etc.) and Ceab srl (electric equipment, hardware and software).