B.S.N. s.r.l. was founded in 1994 in Castelleone (CR) as distributor of in-vitro diagnostics and high technology medical devices into Italian territory. Clinical biochemistry, toxicology, drugs of abuse, sepsis, diabetes, microbiology and food allergies are the main diagnostic areas where B.S.N. operates. Our company motto “TECHNOLOGY, COMPETENCE, SERVICE” is a good interpretation of how we offer solutions for medical analysis laboratory. Indeed, B.S.N. employs a staff of application specialists and service technicians who support customers’ needs for the implementation of innovative technologies as mass spectrometry coupled with liquid chromatography (LC-MS/MS). In 2013 B.S.N. opened a new division for “in vivo” diagnostic products oriented to nuclear medicine market (radiopharmaceuticals and radio-guided surgery probes). During 2013, B.S.N. established a second unit at Insubria Biopark of Gerenzano (VA) for the research, development and production of diagnostic kit based on chromatographic method. 13 innovative diagnostic kit for biomarkers determination in various medicine branches as Nephrology (chronic kidney disease markers), Endocrinology (steroid hormones), Toxicology (medication and drugs of abuse assays), Oncology (biogenic amines) and Occupational medicine have already been developed and introduced in the market.