Bioc Chem Solutions

BioC-CheM Solutions Srl, is a Contract Research Organization founded in September 2020 by internationally recognized Chemists and Microbiologists, and committed to the identification, purification and quantitative delivery of impurities. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) or drug products, may contain impurities such as degradation products, intermediates/process impurities, or unwanted by-products of side-reactions. Impurities are usually at very low concentrations relative to the API, but it is important that they are isolated and identified. BioC-CheM Solutions has taken into account that the most critical impurities are found in APIs of natural origin (i.e. those coming from the fermentation products from uncommon microorganisms). Therefore, the activities of the chromatographic purification department are integrated with the activity of the microbial fermentation and chemical synthesis departments. Based on unconventional approaches, to cutting edge instrumentation, and to the incomparable skills and dedication of its staff, BioC-CheM delivers the best solution to its clients. BioC-CheM Solutions Srl, via R. Lepetit 34, 21040 Gerenzano (VA) ITALY T +39 02 96474404 email: