The foundation

The Foundation Istituto Insubrico di Ricerca per la Vita (FIIRV) was born thanks to Provincia di Varese, Stato e Repubblica del Cantone Ticino, Regio Insubrica, University of Insubria, Cardiocentro Ticino Foundation and Comune di Busto Arsizio. All these entities together promoted its realization with the clear goal to support, promote and protect research in a boundary context which has great potentialities.


FIIRV has got an heritage made of a very rare collection of 166.000 microbiological extracts and 15.000 strains and a Research Center named Insubrias BioPark.

The Foundation primary activity is research. It has got a proper team in the Pharmacology, Microbiology and Biotechnology fields.

Moreover, in the BioPark management, it gives support to start-up and spin-off companies, with the aim to improve the Insubrias BioPark and to make it a reference and a connection for all those actors present in the territory, from the Companies to the Academic and Research Institutes.



Our Mission: To be glocal – Globally thinking, locally acting

  • To promote and motivate medical-scientific research, supporting initiatives for the development of the biotechnologies dealing with Life Sciences, men’s health preservation and industrial biotechnologies.
  • To manage the Insubrias BioPark maximizing its technological potential, hosting companies that can take part to the creation of an added value and improving the Park function as a meeting point where scientific and entrepreneurial cultures can have a dialogue, and as an entity able to link the different skills of this extraordinary territory.
  • To transfer knowledge and technologies in the territory, exploiting synergies and collaboration among Companies, Institutional and Academic Organizations, in order to create an effective relation system between its partners and the territory.

Increase the value of the territory

The Insubrias BioPark’s commitment to put into action mechanisms and projects that can activate territory’s development policies in a glocal view comes from the wish to increase the territory’s value. This doesn’t mean we have to limit our concern only to local processes, but it means to be consciousness about the inescapable bonds that, today, every place in the world has to share with the global dimension. This is particularly true for a place like the Insubria Region, which is industrialized, developed and located in a central position.

Union gives strength

The creation of links with proper territory and a network territorial system are necessary to compete in a global dimension. The network territorial system should be able to involve and convey all the resources (humans, technical, technological) to an unique scope that is owned by the system itself, so that it can be possible to create shared projects.

With this meaning and for these reasons, the identity that the Foundation gives to the Insubrias BioPark is “to be glocal”. This in intended as the will to adjust the globalization view to the development of strong local and territorial reality, and to create a modern transnational mentality. This is based on the certainty that, in the future, the Insubria Region will be able to perform an important role as a bridge between North and South Europe. Taking into account this optic, the Foundation wants to develop knowledge, technologies and research projects, involving the local actors of a global sector like the biotech and the pharmaceutical one.