The GSD Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 with the aim of supporting and implementing scientific projects chosen with the criterion of urgency for the present and the future of people. His activity concerns the promotion of research in the biomedical sciences and in particular on cardiovascular diseases.

To guarantee the health of everyone, the GSD Foundation is engaged on several fronts:
• The implementation of specific cutting-edge scientific projects.
• The clinical application of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods.
• Sensitization and prevention.

What the GSD Foundation does:
• Stimulates medical doctors and researchers to work as a team to find increasingly effective solutions to the most important diseases of our century.
• Focus on prevention to reduce the risk of disease.
• Fight against the disease also through awareness and information initiatives for a correct and healthy lifestyle and the spread of the culture of well-being.

The Zebrafish Laboratory

The Zebrafish Laboratory carries out scientific research in the field of bone metabolism in collaboration with numerous institutions of excellence such as the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute, San Donato Polyclinic, the University of Milan, the University of Insubria and the Insubric Institute Foundation for Life Research (FIIRV) of Gerenzano. The Laboratory uses the freshwater fish Danio rerio (Zebrafish) as an in vivo model for the following fields of study:

• research of chemical compounds and nutraceutical active ingredients with effects on bone metabolism through small and large scale drug screening;

• pathogenetic and therapeutic studies in zebrafish models of human bone pathologies (osteoporosis, spinal malformations, imperfect osteogenesis);

• study of innovative and non-invasive read-out systems to monitor bone metabolism during pharmacological and physical treatments (eg electromagnetic fields).

• pathogenetic and therapeutic studies in zebrafish models of human metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes);