The IDAAR Research Center

The D-amino acids International Research Center “DAAIR“ has been established in Gerenzano inside the Fondazione Istituto Insubrico Ricerca per la Vita (Varese, Italy) in 2019, with the aim to support and perform scientific research projects and activities on the field of D-amino acids.

D-amino acids are involved in main physiological processes, from bacteria to humans. Notwithstanding, little is known about the mechanisms by which the D-amino acids perform specific functions and their presence and concentration in different organisms and compartments, also with regards to well-established functional (and pathological) states. A main scientific goal is to understand the involvement of D-amino acids in important diseases as a way to set up novel therapeutic strategies.

The DAAIR Center is aimed to represent a pole of excellence at international level for dissemination and research involving the D-amino acids, as well as to act as driver of scientific, cultural, economic and social growth for the Lombardy region. The DAAIR Center has the task to link basic and applied research, as a strategic tool to transfer the results arising from the research investigations.

In particular, the Center intends promote, support and carry out research activities about the:

  • analysis of D-amino acids content in different biological matrices;
  • production of these biomolecules;
  • investigation and evaluation of the interactions between D-amino acids and other biomolecules;
  • biological, physiological and pathological aspects related to D-amino acids presence;
  • investigation, design and development of advanced materials and technologies based on D-amino acids and of biomedical and industrial relevance;
  • use of D-amino acids in different application sectors.